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11 – Elements, worlds and the alchemical realm


At our last meeting on 2 February dealing with writings and teaching alchemical Eliphas Levi reserved only to a very small number of his followers, we flew (and I mean flew alas!), because time is still too short to see everything, one of the two covers of the great book of Nicolas Flamel found by Eliphas and we were able to realize how important was “the cross” we project you again so you can remind yourself of its symbolism. He is alone all the alchemical work which breaks through the elements, the worlds and realms.
We must not forget that the elders who had neither the benefits nor the great facility of printing, liked to keep all the science in a book, and of course a whole book in a symbol and why they had the syntheses hieroglyphic called “pantacles” and rather mysterious book called the “golden books” .E.

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