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2 – An Introduction to numerology


« The key of numbers is, then, the key of symbols, for symbols are the analogical representations of the harmony that comes from numbers. Mathematics could not, then, prove a blind fatality for it expresses the exactitude which is characteristic of the most perfect reason. Not only do numbers rely on reason itself, but they are also poets, for they sing with a music that is always in tune and which lent raptures to the genius of Pythagoras. And when it is said that numbers are repellent for poetry, in a sense that is true, for a digit is like a garment that clothes the number that is its soul. So a digit studied in the context of the exact form of numbers is the one that will measure and give rhythm to poetry. On this subject Lévi says « Thus occult philosophy, the most poetic of all, is par excellence the philosophy of exact sciences ».

Booklet n°2
A Christiane Buisset conference
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