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4 – Magic in the work of Éliphas Lévi


« This is one of the most graceful images from the Gospel. A Virgin is seated among the ruins of the ancient world which are represented by the debris of an old palace that has been transformed into a stable. The majesty of her grace and modesty make of her a queen and she is blessed with a beautiful child who holds out his hands in a naive gesture of love. The three aspects of the known world arrive, with the appearance of wise men and dressed as kings, to bow down before the Man of the Future, Christ born, the Man- God who will save the world.
There is a star as yet unseen in the heavens above the wretched dwelling where the universe has just been reborn, and the magi who were guided by it recognize in this helpless child the explanation and incarnation of the truth that is hidden in their astronomical and mysterious beliefs. The winter of mankind gives way to a heavenly spring and the constellation of the virgin sees the gentle sun of the new season emerge from her breast. »

Booklet n°4
A Christiane Buisset conference
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