12 – The rose cross : Its symbolism and practices

Rosicrucianism is the inheritor of all ancient wisdom. Pray and work with a tenacious will and, if God wishes, you will perhaps achieve your desired end and be victorious by this sign which is the seal of the Great Work. Trials come to an end and are renewed, but the rose of light never dies[…]

11 – Elements, worlds and the alchemical realm

  At our last meeting on 2 February dealing with writings and teaching alchemical Eliphas Levi reserved only to a very small number of his followers, we flew (and I mean flew alas!), because time is still too short to see everything, one of the two covers of the great book of Nicolas Flamel found[…]

10 – Eliphas levi : poetry and symbolism

  We have chosen this thought both to illustrate this evening’s subject – the poetry and its symbolism – and to show the extent to which the poetical work in Eliphas Lévi’s thinking operates on a certain plane and at a certain level. Booklet n°10 A Christiane Buisset conference 19 pages format PDF 12,00 € Editions[…]

8 – An Introduction to Hermeticism, the wisdom of the ancients

  “If we have the curiosity to look in the dictionary, we are surprised to see that the word « Hermeticism » did not exist in the 19th century. We learn, however, that Hermetic comes from Hermes, which in Greek represents Mercury. Hermetic also signifies « that which relates to Hermes, to the science of[…]

7 – The Symbolism of the Epiphany

  « This is one of the most graceful images from the Gospel. A Virgin is seated among the ruins of the ancient world which are represented by the debris of an old palace that has been transformed into a stable. The majesty of her grace and modesty make of her a queen and she[…]

5 – Symbolic of the binary

  Éliphas Lévi tells us that the binary « is also the number of gnosis ». Given that gnosis is a synonym for wisdom, there are far-reaching consequences for the number two, which is often summed up in the terms ‘duality’ and ‘opposition’. Thus in the mind of Éliphas, whose reasoning depends on the principle[…]