The Sacred Language study Circle

The Sacred Language study Circle


“The man who is a slave to his passions or prejudices in this world can not be initiated and will never be able to do so unless he reforms. Thus he could not be an adept, for the word adept refers to someone who has arrived at this state by means of his own will and his work.”

Eliphas Levi


Today, 8 February 2014, as we commemorate the 204th anniversary of the birth of Eliphas Lévi, C.L.S (a non-profit association under the law of 1901) is happy to celebrate with you another birth, that of its internet site.

Thanks to information technology and the potential for communication it offers, our aim is to supply you with the tools required for work and thought so that you may be introduced to the thinking of the great master Eliphas Lévi. We shall do this by means of studies written by Christiane Buisset who, throughout her life, worked to spread the word about Eliphas Lévi.

To start with we invite you to look at the menus on the site in order to learn a little more about the life and work of these two exceptional people, Eliphas Lévi and Christiane Buisset.

By going to the ‘Conferences’ page you can have the pleasure of reading the very first lecture Christiane Buisset gave in 1975 when she created her Eliphas Lévi group in Paris.

This first lecture, entitled “Man in the manifestation of his social and divine being” is one of a three-part cycle of which the theme is “Man and society”.

In this first part, following the introduction, Christiane Buisset begins by considering “Man as a microcosm”. “Man must model himself on the image of the divine and in order to do this must seek out his perfect equilibrium. From being a fallen man, he owes it to himself to regain the heights.”

As you will see, this text is peppered with references to the works of Eliphas Lévi which are quoted in abbreviated form and to which you can refer if you have the relevant books. The abbreviations are explained in the menu Eliphas Lévi/ Bibliography in the navigation bar.

Finally, if you would like to know more about C.L.S. itself and its aims, go to the C.L.S. menu.

We shall be adding new texts and lectures to the site on a regular basis and shall keep you informed about our many projects. We hope you enjoy your time on our site.

The president, C.L.S.


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