What is C.L.S?

The Sacred Language study Circle (CLS)

When the Eliphas Lévi Circle (Association law 1901) was set up on April 1 1975 its objective was to :


It was open to all who wished to know Eliphas Lévi and examine the great esoteric questions.

Christiane Buisset’s declaration at the founding of the Eliphas Lévi Circle:

« It is in improving our own self-knowledge that we shall know better who and what surrounds us. We cannot carry out this work without the help of others. We must come closer to our own centre in order to identify ourselves progressively with the perfect unity of intelligence and love.

What is the centre? you ask. Well, it is the heart. The heart of the universe, the heart of man: «The heart that is the touchstone of ideas».

We are going to share these ideas. They may be common to us all or controversial. In any case it is from expressing our ideas that the knowledge which will one day lead humanity to happiness, or wisdom, will spring deep in our hearts. »

« For nothing that is mystical is incapable of being known,

Nothing that is hidden is incapable of being revealed,

The kingdom of God is within us. »

In 1992 the Eliphas Lévi Circle changed its name to become The Sacred Language Study Circle, or Eliphas Circle (le Cercle d’Etudes (ou Cercle Eliphasien) du Langage Sacré), known under the abbreviation C.L.S.

For more information on the setting up of C.L.S, click here.

This site aims is to make the learning set out in the works of Eliphas Lévi and Christiane Buisset available to researchers.

The texts put online remain the property of C.L.S. Any request for reproduction, even partial, must be addressed to us.

Your requests and discussions with us will be greatly valued and we shall endeavour to reply in a useful and satisfactory way.

Each one of us is capable of finding his way inside the maze of KNOWLEDGE.

« To know, we must have the will ;

to have the will, we must dare ;

to dare we must be silent. »


The president, C.L.S.


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