4 – Magic in the work of Éliphas Lévi

  « This is one of the most graceful images from the Gospel. A Virgin is seated among the ruins of the ancient world which are represented by the debris of an old palace that has been transformed into a stable. The majesty of her grace and modesty make of her a queen and she[…]

3 – Woman in the manifestation of her social and divine being

  « Female emancipation (…) is the most serious issue to preoccupy all the thinkers of our age. Woman is indeed born equal to man and it would be unreasonable to dispute this. Man, it is true, possesses the material force that offers physical protection. But women are endowed with a surer tact, a loving[…]

2 – An Introduction to numerology

  « The key of numbers is, then, the key of symbols, for symbols are the analogical representations of the harmony that comes from numbers. Mathematics could not, then, prove a blind fatality for it expresses the exactitude which is characteristic of the most perfect reason. Not only do numbers rely on reason itself, but[…]

1 – Astrology in the work of Éliphas Lévi

  « Of all the occult sciences astrology is the most important for it is the key to all the others and, in particular, to Kabbalah and Hermetism. Eliphas Lévi did not write a book, or rather I would say a text book, on astrology for he held this science in such high regard and[…]