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3 – Woman in the manifestation of her social and divine being


« Female emancipation (…) is the most serious issue to preoccupy all the thinkers of our age. Woman is indeed born equal to man and it would be unreasonable to dispute this. Man, it is true, possesses the material force that offers physical protection. But women are endowed with a surer tact, a loving and more astute intelligence to direct and moderate the strength of men. To take advantage of this brute force in order to desecrate woman and impose on her something arbitrary rather than the rule of liberty, is to commit a gross injustice. Everyone is capable of understanding this, without the need for proof. I would also suggest that since love’s intuition or, in other words, sentiment is usually the surest measure of reason, woman is necessary to the development of our intelligence and that she is the mother both of our body and our soul. »

Booklet n°3
A Christiane Buisset conference
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